tools of the trade

dipping my fountain pen into the inkpot of inspiration

Josephine LoRe, poet and writer

... a pearl in this diamond world

Autumn Moon Haiku

December 05, 2017

   wrap a woolen scarf ... 


Published online in the premier edition of Autumn Moon Haiku, December 2017, Bangor Maine, USA

Wax Poetry and Art

September 01, 2017

Prize winner, published in Wax Poetry and Art #13, September 2017.


Cradle Rhythms

new Canadians, they called us

the families on our street

Italians and the Greeks

Portuguese, Ukrainians

new Canadians


to distinguish us from the old Canadians perhaps

like Mrs. Brown from two doors down

who had a moustache

and a stubby black dog who waddled when he walked

and a carpet beater made of metal and wood ...


Still Point Arts Quarterly

August 01, 2017

One of my poems was published in the Fall 2017 issue of Still Points Arts Quarterly


Spirit Inside Me, Around Me


and it seemed clear in a moment of darkness 

that you had turned your back on me, the god of my childhood, 

the god of my church ...


Haiku Canada's Wordless

Three of my haiku have been published in the 2017 Haiku Canada Anthology, Wordless. 

by the moon's soft light

  I connect the starts that reach

      from me to you

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