Diamonds on St. Joseph

That twinkling sidewalk

those diamonds on St. Joseph

You told me once, are broken-up glass


We would walk down that street

And others like it

And every time you told me,

it was new

new diamonds, new twinkles


I used to be taller then,

straighter; almost as tall as you.

My hair was blacker

and bouncier and my waist fit in the

space of your open hands


The days have been grey lately

It’s cold but it hasn’t really snowed

And some trees still try to hang on

to their dead leaves

There’s mud in the field

And the wind pushes me back and forth.

It’s been great



But tonight, on St. Joseph

there were diamonds

cut up glass

Made sparkly and shining

And they brought me back to you


          From a collection to be entitled

            My Life’s a String and I’m a Balloon 

           from the section 

           “And love, love is my helium”.

This one is out of the vault ... written when I was a student at the University of Toronto (UC '85). 


I submitted a collection to the Norma Epstein competition in third year, and was awarded the Poetry Prize. 

The collection is housed in the Laidlaw Library at University College, U of T. 

I decided not to edit the poem for this website (or remove the romantic-notioned footnote!)

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