January 01, 2020

Mitchum Walker pushed away from the table – aces, queens, diamonds, hearts swirling in his head.  His legs gone slack after six straight hours at a next-to-final table.

Damn you, woman.

Mitchum was not a pretty sight, especially this far in at the World Series of Poker.  Checked his watch.  12:43.    A.M.   He couldn’t remember the last time he’d had more than four hours consecutive sleep in the last ten days.  Anything more and she slithered into his dreams with her lacquered hair, her Marlboro-rasp voice and that laugh that screeched across his heart like sparkle-tip nails ... 

A Walk Along the Beach

August 22, 2017



It’s too early.  My bones creak as I wake up, my neck stiff again.  But Sandy insists.  She doesn’t seem to care about the time of day or the passage of years.  She wants her breakfast and she wants her morning walk.  She is a loyal companion but she is demanding.  I shouldn’t complain-–she does give structure to otherwise empty days ... 

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