Haiku highlights


Japan:  recipient in Japan's Mount Fuji Tanka Grand Prix

Canada:  publication in the Consulate General of Japan Moonlight Haiku Challenge

US:  participated in the Seabeck Haiku Conference

Canada:  asked to co-judge the Lougheed House Haiku Challenge

France:  two haiku accepted in Ecrire, Lire, Hommage à la lecture et à l’écriture 

Romania:  four haiku accepted for an international collection Travelling with Haiga by Ion Codrescu

Canada:  created a photo-haiku concertina book for The Boxed Stories Collection

US:  Publication of two pieces in Haiku Page #10

Canada:  publication GUSTS Tanka Journal

Wales:  publication in the Wales Haiku Journal

Teaching: Haiku through the Seasons at the Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society

US:  publication in Moonglow Haiku Journal


Japan:  Honourable Mention in the Setouchi-Matsuyama Photo-Haiku Contest

Canada:  publication in Haiku Canada Anthology, Water’s Edge

Canada:  participated in Haiku Canada Conference, Sea-to-Sky, in Vancouver

Canada:  presented Women Echoing Women, a Haiku Enchantment in Vancouver

Two of my haiku chosen for publication in a blind competition at the Sea-to-Sky Conference and published in the Haiku Canada Review

Japan:  publication in Asahi Haikuist 

Canada:  publication in GUSTS Tanka Journal publication; my tanka chosen as Founder’s Favourite

China:  acceptance of a haiku as part of the neverending story


Canada:  publication in Haiku Canada Anthology

England:  publication in Ephemerae

Canada:  Gift of Silence:  A Tribute to Leonard Cohen

Canada:  Member of Magpie Haiku Poets, Calgary


Canada:  first publication in the Haiku Canada Anthology, Wordless

US:  publication in Autumn Moon Haiku