Is there life during lockdown?

Poetry in isolation ...

the quarantine chronicles

The answer is thankfully yes !

Thankfully because with family scattered across this country and in Europe, isolation has been tough

It took a long time to write ... mainly at the beginning I tried to write around covid, tippy-toeing, hoping if I were quiet enough I could circumvent it and it wouldn't notice me

Then the army trucks hauling the dead in Italy, where so much of my family lives

body bags

police tape on sidewalks ...

and the poetry came

Staying connected to a larger poetry community

One of the unexpected benefits of Covid is the ability to stay connected not only with familiar poetry communities, but to branch out.  

And I am taking advantage of this opportunity to Zoom write, Zoom share, Zoom read, Zoom collaborate


I was a feature poet in the Parkland Poet Reading Series on May 28, 2020

Prairie Soul Press

Virtual Open Mic

Readings biweekly

Cultivating Voices

Poetry Open Mic

I participated in this weekly reading series.  What an honour to read among such esteemed poets worldwide!

Zoom as a Learning Platform

I taught a course on Haiku through the Alexandra Writers' Center Society during Spring Break

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