Poem a Day ... March 26, 2020


what secrets have you to share with me –

waves licking rocky shore

midmorning light dazzling

wind lifting hair


what stories have you to tell me

in this language heard only by the soul

my breath matching the rhythm of these wavelets

breaking at my feet


clouds stretch out like time

like cotton batting

thinning then dispersing

hiding then revealing the old bones of this land


what song have you to sing to me –

lyrics lapping

wind caressing

sunlight softly stroking my cheek

like a lover, like a child

This poem was published in my second collection, The Cowichan Series (Kouros Publications, 2019).

Jim Jackson did an amazing job putting this one to music ... he plays and I speak.  The link to the album is here.

Today's poem is quite different in tone.  I wrote this on the banks of Waterton Lake, in the magnificent Waterton National Park, deep south in Alberta.  Just past the line that does not exist, that separates Canada from the States, the park is known as Glacier National Park.

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