WorldCity Monthly

NOVEMBER 7, 2020 

Poetry by Josephine LoRe,

WordCity Monthly

Nov2020 Issue3

Excerpt from Straightening Nails:


he’s a grown man now
wondering at 40 if he has done
enough, if he has left legacy
enough, wondering what his boy
will keep of him
when he is gone
taken by disease
his spine, a bent nail 


impossible for him to stand
the spasms in his hands so severe
impossible to hold on


OCTOBER 6, 2020 

WordCity Monthly,

October 2020, issue #2, poetry by Josephine LoRé


excerpt from 

In Praise of Colour


red, blood flowing through veins

menses from the womb

creamy, the vernix of a baby’s birth

colourless, the liquid salt from our eyes

be they brown or blue

green or grey, hazel

amber, topaz, ruby

sapphire, lapis, jade

amethyst ...


from Time of the Poet Republic,

The Canadian Edition:


New Canadians


New Canadians, they called us

the families on our street

Italians and the Greeks

Portuguese, Ukranians—

New Canadians


To distinguish us perhaps from the old Canadians

like Mrs. Brown two doors down

who had a moustache and a stubby black dog

who waddled when he walked

and a carpet-beater of metal and wood

New Canadians who brought old words

from the old country like sculapasta

for draining spaghetti and sculapiatta

for draining plates, paletta and scupa

to sweep the floor


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