July and August 2020

There have been so many incredible opportunities and acceptances ...


  • 'Waiting', a covid-inspired poem, has been selected for publication in an anthology prepared by a professor from the University of Alberta

  • I was featured in Joshua Pantellersco's podcast, thirty minutes of poetry and backstory

  • 'Minus the Killing', another covid-inspired poem, has been accepted for publication in a pandemic anthology

  • my submission proposal for The Boxed Stories Galley was accepted; a multi-media project to be be exhibited in September 2020 at Loft 112

  • A new feature by Blaine Greenwood for his CKXU radio programme Not Your Mother's Poetry (little does he know!!)

  • 'Cradle Rhythms' was accepted for publication in Time of the Poet, Canadian Collaborative; there was a virtual Launch and Reading on August 5, 2020

  • I will be teaching a workshop through the Alexandra Writers' Center Society in November 2020

Resonance in Writing: The Personal to the Universal

THURSDAY, November 12, 2020        6-9PM

We will consider pieces in which Imagery and Resonance are prominent and look at how they are used for effect.  What word choices in your poetry (and general writing) describe and evoke?  How does this affect tone and reinforce theme?  You may say, “My heart is like a bird” — but is it an eagle?  a vulture?  A dove?  an albatross?  How does your experience or perspective resonate with your readers, so that the personal becomes an echo of the universal?  This is an interactive online class using the Zoom web platform.

I am so grateful

to the wonderfully supportive

writing communities,

both local and worldwide! 


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