Publication in WordCity, November 2021

This poem has finally found a home!  It is one of my favourites, a poetic tribute to the abiding love my parents share, its tender roots.  The Smell of Sawdust.  Written years ago and completed with the editorial suggestions of Kirk Miles, and now published in the WordCity Literary Journal.

the smell of sawdust

the smell of sawdust on his clothes

and in his hair and in his pores

   the roughness of his hands

   the breadth of his suntanned back


the darkness of his eyes under lashes thick

she pale and fair—hazel eyes, auburn hair

   he profound, his proclamations meant to be absolute

   she shrill and reigning over us nonetheless


the bathroom he built in the basement of our three-storey house

where so many rooms were just for company, just for show

   he, my father, a deep pool

   she a rushing torrent, a thunderstorm

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