2020:  Poetry in the time of Pandemic

It took a while to be able to write ... at the beginning I tried to write around covid, tippy-toeing, hoping if I were quiet enough I could circumvent it and it wouldn't notice me

Then the army trucks hauling the dead in Italy, where so much of my family lives ... body bags, police tape on sidewalks ... and the poetry came.  My first covic-based poem, 'Six Feet', was published in Ireland by Pendemic poetry.

One of the unexpected benefits of Covid is the ability to stay connected not only with familiar poetry communities, and also to branch out.  And I am taking advantage of this opportunity to Zoom write, share, read, and collaborate.

Cultivating Voices 

Prairie Soul Press

Virtual Open Mic

  • 'Waiting' selected for publication in We Are One:  Poems From The Pandemic

  • Invited to be a featured reader in the Parkland Poets Reading Series

  • Taught a workshop in haiku through the AWCS

  • Featured in Joshua Pantellersco's podcast, thirty minutes of poetry and backstory

  • 'Minus the Killing' accepted for publication in the Pandemic Poetry anthology

  • 'The Recipe' was published in TapPressRead, the anthology of the first year of story and poetry from Calgary's Public Library Dispensary

  • "Seasons in Reflection", my proposal for The Boxed Stories Galley was accepted; a multi-media haiga project to be exhibited September 9 through December 16 2020 at Loft 112

  • 'Mother's Hands' will be published in the 2020 Parkland Poetry Anthology

  • Reader in Cultivating Voices Poetry Open Mic series

  • 'This Gossamer World' accepted for The People's Poetry Festival; will be rendered by visual artist Terra Simieritsch

  • Two poems in both English and French were accepted into RAPPORT Parole Creation for their pandemic postcard series

  • Participated in Parkland Poetry's Photo-Poetry Pairing where I responded to a photograph with a poem entitled  'and the wind rustles empty ... '

  • A second radio feature by Blaine Greenwood for his CKXU's Not Your Mother's Poetry

  • 'Cradle Rhythms' published in Time of the Poet Republic; virtual Launch and Reading on August 5, 2020

  • Participated in Missing You Mondays, a Loft 112 Initiative

  • created a video-poem of "Morning Waxing' for September's Alberta Culture Days through Parkland Poetry

  • the Indie YYC, an initiative which brings poets and musicians together in our lovely city

               Jim Jackson accompanies Josephine LoRe 

               as she reads her quarantine-inspired poem, 

               'La Quarantaine ... Forty Days'

Pendemic Poetry in Ireland published a number of my poems, haiku, tanka,

a letter to my MLA, and an essay during the early months of covid:

  • 'Six Feet'

  • 'April Fools'

  • a haiku suite

  • 'Burnt Offerings"

  • 'Palms'

  • 'The Days Stretch Long'

  • 'The Birds'

  • 'Space Oddity'

  • a tanka series

  • essay 'In Praise of Pandemic or How I Learned to Love Covid'

The Blue Door Studio Nenagh

Josephine LoRe from Canada shares one of her poems with the Blue Door Lockdown Sessions.  During the lockdown the Blue Door Studio Nenagh in Ireland is providing a platform for independent artists to showcase their work. 

Writers' Guild of Alberta     Pandemic Postcards

My poem 'A Moment in Pandemic' poem received Honourable Mention.  It will be published in an upcoming anthology. 

The Lougheed House, a historical heritage home in the heart of Calgary, announced a midsummer haiku-writing initiative, and I was honoured to be one of three judges.

Excerpt from a publication in

The League of Canadian Poets' Poetry Pause ...

YYC Portraits of People

Calgary's Poet Laureate Sheri-D Wilson curated this collection about Calgary .... ordinary people doing extraordinary things, extraordinary people doing ordinary things, which includes my poem silent lady.

Virtual Launch in September, 2020.  

I will be reading at 3:10 pm on Saturday, September 26.

This year's When Words Collide was online.  I presented Imagery and Resonance:  Specificity and Universality and was part of a panel for Cast a Spell:  The Power of Poetry.  Link to the festival:  

'Rhetorical Questions'  &  'The Wind'

Two new poems have been accepted at the Short Story Dispensary at the downtown Calgary Public Library.

Two haiku published in Haiku Page #10, USA


the silence

                  after robin and magpie

                  have sung their songs


                                                    I hold my breath

                                  waiting for this quarantine

                                                                   to pass

Publication in the Spring issue of GUSTS journal of Contemporary Tanka.   

My tanka received the Editor's Choice Award.

FreeFall Magazine Spring 2020

Volume XXX    Number 1

'Forget Me Not'

my first publication in 

FreeFall Magazine and virtual launch

Featured at the Airdrie Public Library Poetry Series on Saturday March 14th  

My first publication in Wales 

fishing boats
marooned on cold sand
                                       low tide

Verse of Silence

a literary journal in India has published my poem 'Residue' in their Jnauary 2020 edition. 

Poetry Workshop with Lorna Crozier

I returned to the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island for a poetry workshop ... so inspiring ... time to think, time to write 

It is hard to believe that this is how 2020 began.

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