Two haiku accepted for Haiku Page #10:

the silence

                  after robin and magpie

                  have sung their songs


                                                    I hold my breath

                                  waiting for this quarantine

                                                                   to pass

Publication in the Spring / Summer issue of GUSTS journal of Contemporary Tanka

published in Poetry Pause ...

The League of Canadian Poets 

My first publication in Wales ... which I hope to visit one day 

fishing boats
marooned on cold sand
                                       low tide

Verse of Silence

a literary journal in India

has published my poem Residue in their Winter 2020 edition. 

Waxing Poetic


Featured at the Airdrie Public Library Poetry Series on Saturday March 14th  

Poetry Workshop with Lorna Crozier

I returned to the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island for a poetry workshop ... so inspiring ... time to think, time to write

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