2020:  Poetry in the time of Pandemic

It took a while to be able to write ... at the beginning I tried to write around covid, tippy-toeing, hoping if I were quiet enough I could circumvent it and it wouldn't notice me

Then the army trucks hauling the dead in Italy, where so much of my family lives ... body bags, police tape on sidewalks ... and the poetry came.  My first covic-based poem, 'Six Feet', was published in Ireland by Pendemic poetry.

One of the unexpected benefits of Covid is the ability to stay connected not only with familiar poetry communities, and also to branch out.  And I am taking advantage of this opportunity to Zoom write, share, read, and collaborate.

The following pages highlight poetic endeavours undertaken in covid, and the list contains these as well (pages coming soon)​

  • Featured in Joshua Pantellersco's podcast, thirty minutes of poetry and backstory

  • Featured in Calgary Arts Development "Living a Creative Life" video

  • 'Mother's Hands' to be published in the 2020 Parkland Poetry Anthology

  • A second radio feature by Blaine Greenwood for his CKXU's Not Your Mother's Poetry

  • Participated in Missing You Mondays, a Loft 112 Initiative


Final pre-covid feature at the Airdrie Public Library Poetry Series on Saturday March 14th, just before the lockdown.  

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How 2020 began ... 

A Poetry Workshop with Lorna Crozier

I returned to the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island for a poetry workshop ... so inspiring ... time to think, time to write 

Who could have known what the year would bring .... 

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