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The British Museum and the Abduction of Persephone

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2022 starts off cold and clear ...
Here are some things to look forward to:

- Ongoing monthly readings at online poetry events such as Parkland Poets, the Stroll of Poets' Haven at Home, Glow, Cultivating Voices, Fixed and Free, Planet Earth Poetry, The Poet's Corner, the Tortuga Gallery ... 

January 31, the Wild Word, a literary journal from Berlin, Germany, published three of my poems in their Wintering Issue: 
Winter Reverie
Nighttime Deer
You Are a Winter Garden

January 24, I read as part of Calgary's Single Onion reading series.  This series, created by Kirk Miles, is where I first heard the word, spoken, and inspired me to return to writing and encouraged me to share my poetry.  

January 21, the Edmonton group Stroll of Poets published my poem Guileless in their Poetry ReMix series

I have decided to create video-readings of my published poems.  Here is one of my favourites, The Smell of Sawdust, published in WordCity Lit in November, 2021.

January 12, WordCity Lit published my poem
That Forgotten Place, inspired by TS Elliot. 

In February, I participated in the Loft 112 project
Cards for Community with my submission for the neighbourhood of Deer Run.

To celebrate Valentine's Day, I participated in the Spontaneous Poetry initiative Poetry in Union, put on by The League of Canadian Poets.

Also in late February, Antje Stehn with the Rucksack project, a Global Poetry Patchwork, featured my poem which is displayed in Piacenza, Italy, in the Piccolo Museo della Poesia. 
There was a voice recording of my poem in English, and I also created a video recording of the Italian version of Garden Tea, Poetry.

On March 6, I participated in a reading from Philadelphia's Moonstone Arts Center, a celebration of International Women's Day.  I shared Mothers' Hands during the recorded reading, and submitted The Map Life Leaves Upon the Body for the accompanying anthology.

Also on March 6, I shared these same two poems in the Cultivating Voices Live Poetry celebration of International Women's Day, Break the Bias.  My reading commences at 1 hour 51 minutes.

On March 7, I will be interviewed by Dr. Michael Anthony Ingrams, a retired university professor out of Washington, DC, for Quintessential Listening: Poetry Online Radio.  This is one of the world’s most listened-to poetry podcasts. The mission of the podcast is to provide a live format for emerging, mid-career, and established poets to showcase their work.

Also in March, The League of Canadian Poets will be publishing Leap, a poetic tribute to Lesley Strutt, which includes my poem The Rooftop.

On March 20, I will participate in the Second Poetic Nowruz, the celebration of Spring in the Persian tradition.  I will be reading my new poem Release into Spring, which will also be translated into Farsi.

Also on March 20, I will participate in the online release of the long anticipated (M)othering Anthology, which includes my poem I am Ready to Memorize Mother.

On March 21st, to co-incide with the Spring Solstice, Jim Jackson will be releasing our musical collaboration Awaiting Spring, the third of four poems put to music to celebrate the seasons.  My words and voice, and his composition and music and accompanying vocals.   Awaiting Spring will be available on Bandcamp.
This poem is based on the myth of Persephone, who was abducted in Sicily by Hades, god of the underworld.

My poem Fragments of Light will be published in the first quarterly anthology for Fixed and Free 2022.  It is a tribute poem to Vinnie Yannone, beloved father and stained-glass artist.

April 11, my poem Tireless Travail, originally published in the 2021 Wine Country Writers' Festival Anthology, will be translated into Farsi and featured on the Persian Ottawa radio program, Namashoum.

April 14th, I will be a Feature Poet for the Parkland Poets online reading series.  

On Monday, May 16, I will be a Feature Poet in the New York poetry series entitled Poetry Near and Afar

On Wesdnesday, June 1st, I will be a Feature Poet in the San Francisco reading series, Sacred Grounds

- publication of new work in the Parkland Anthology, Stroll of Poets Anthology, GUSTS Tanka, Haiku Canada, and hopefully others 

- participation in a poetic tribute to Leonard Cohen and Joanie Mitchell

- one final poems put to music by Jim Jackson for the Solstice & Equinox series

- time permitting, I will be putting together a chapbook of selected poetry, and then on to a full-length manuscript