Single Onion 2022.jpg

2022 starts off cold and clear ...
Here are some things to look forward to:
- Ongoing monthly readings at online poetry events such as Parkland Poets, the Stroll of Poets' Haven at Home, Glow, Cultivating Voices, Fixed and Free, Planet Earth Poetry, The Poet's Corner, the Tortuga Gallery ... 
- in January, I will be reading as part of Calgary's Single Onion reading series.  This series, created by Kirk Miles, is where I first heard the word, spoken, and inspired me to return to writing and encouraged me to share my poetry
- The League of Canadian Poets will be publishing my poem The Rooftop, written on the occasion of my son's engagement, in the Leslie Strutt Memorial Chapbook entitled Leap
- WordCity Literature will be publishing my poem That Forgotten Place
- in April, my poem Tireless Travail, published in the 2021 Wine Country Writers' Festival Anthology, will be translated into Farsi and featured in the Persian Ottawa radio program, Namashoum
- in May, I will be a Feature Poet in the New York poetry series entitled Poetry Near and Afar
- publication of new work in the Parkland Anthology, Stroll of Poets Anthology, Fixed and Free Anthology, Haiku Canada, and hopefully others 
- participation in a poetic tribute to Leonard Cohen and Joanie Mitchell
- two more poems put to music by Jim Jackson for the Solstice & Equinox series
- time permitting, I will be putting together a chapbook of selected poetry, and then on to a full-length manuscript