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Josephine LoRe, candlelight poet


I've loved reading and writing since I was a child, and had my first poem published in the collection BloorStone What at my neighbourhood library, the Gladstone Library in Toronto when I was 13 years old.  In my third year at the University of Toronto, my collection won University College's Norma Epstein Award for Creative Writing, Poetry.


I returned to writing in 2010, and started taking creative writing classes at the University of Calgary and the Alexandra Writers' Center Society.  I have participated in Writing Retreats been mentored by some of Calgary's and Canada's finest writers.  

I have been collaborating and expanding my scope with the help of other poets, musicians, visual artists and creative thinkers.


My greatest joy has to be to see my words take wing, to soar off the page … 


then ... and now 

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