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Below is a list of my 2021 publications, features, workshops and events.  Many now have their own separate pages.  I am trying to make the website more accessible using Dynamic Pages and as I struggle with the technology, please bear with me  (or send a message to me at jolore62@hotmail.com if you think you can help!)


2021 in Review


Upcoming Publication of The Rooftop in the League of Canadian Poets’ Lesley Strutt Memorial Chapbook

Upcoming Publication of ten poems in RendezVous, an anthology of writing with a Toronto Group of Poets

December 21, release of Solstice Song collaboration, my poetry and voice, Jim Jackson’s composition and music

December 11, performing Solstice Song live at Loft112 with Jim Jackson

Virtual Launch and Reading, the Same Page Anthology, Cork, Ireland (virtually)

Co-editor of the poems for the upcoming Parkland Poets Anthology

December 3, Poetic Opener at Planet Earth Poetry,  Victoria BC (virtually)



Publication of The Tea Set in the League of Canadian Poets’ Fresh Voices #24 and Poetry Pause

Host of Parkland Poets Reading Series, Stony Plain, Alberta

Publication of The Smell of Sawdust in WordCity Literary Journal

Publication of Tireless Travail in the Wine Country Writers’ Festival Anthology

Poetry and Conversation at the Moonstone Arts Center, Philadelphia as part of PoetryXHunger



Feature Poet at Parkland Reading Series

Publication of five poems in the Fixed and Free Anthology, Albuquerque, New Mexico:  Six Feet*, Tools, Living Air, Forget Me Not*, and I Find Myself* (*previously published)

Asked to contribute an essay and original poetry to Femmes de Parole, Quebec (not sure when this will be published)

Publication of A Flick of Blue in the Same Page Anthology, Ireland



Feature Poet at Haven at Home, the reading series for the Stroll of Poets, Edmonton, Alberta

Presented a workshop at the inaugural Wine Country Writers’ Festival, entitled Inspiration in Nature

Poetry judge for the Wine Country Writers’ Festival, Penticton, BC (virtual)

Publication of Enough in the PoetryXHunger initiative, USA; subsequent launch and online readings

Co-Editor of poems for the PoetryXHunger initiative, USA

Participated in a live poetry reading (the first since the start of covid in March 2020) as part of Calgary’s Peoples’ Poetry Festival

Participated in the Seabeck Haiku Conference, USA and publication in the Mountains Anthology

Re-recording of Secrets, my poetry and voice and Jim Jackson’s composition and music for a compilation that will feature one piece for each of the seasons

Shared my poem A Child at Rest at the Global Lighthouse Studios fundraiser for the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya (an initiative in the US)



Presented a workshop (virtually) at the When Words Collide Writers Conference, entitled Poetic Dreamscapes

Participated in Cultivating Voices Live Poetry online in the Wild Card reading

Created video readings to share on the YouTube channel of poet Indran Amirthanayam:  Waiting (from the We Are One anthology), Six Feet (published in Pendemic Poetry) and Living Air (later published in the Fixed and Free Anthology

Participated in an online fundraiser for poet Amit Dahiyabadshah, sharing my poem Living Air



Online Listening Party of This Might Help, the Calgary Poet Laureate project, reading Quarantaine / Forty Days

Online launch of Outlying Voices, the Parkland Poets Anthology, reading Mothers’ Hands

Publication of Mothering Through Pandemic, part of the (M)othering Antholgoy



Participated virtually in Words of Resilience, a Poet Laureate project in Canmore, Alberta, reading A Moment in Pandemic (from the Writers’ Guild of Alberta collection Pandemic Postcards) and Waiting (from the We Are One anthology)

Participated in the Loft112 project Cadavre Exquis

Host of online launch of Joanne Morcom’s haiku collection Big Blue Sky for the Writers’ Guild of Alberta

Participated in Haiku Canada’s online conference and publication in the collection Random Sampling

Participated in Loft112’s project Missing You Mondays

Participated in Cultivating Voices Online Poetry Anthropocine reading




Publication of Wild Sky in the Stroll of Poets Anthology

Release of The Indie YYC Two Beat, a collaboration with pianist Joseph Fernando, who paired a Debussy composition (La fille aux cheveux de lin) with my poem I Find Myself (originally published by Tiny Seeds Journal in the US)

Publication of Inception in the WordCity Literary Journal Mothering Issue

Feature reader at Parkland Poets



Publication of I Find Myself in the Parkland Poets’ Society Poem in Your Pocket initiative (originally published by The Tiny Seed Journal, US

Publication of Starry Starry Night in the Alexandra Writers’ Center Society Poetry Month celebration

Publication of my review of Carla Scarano’s collection of poetry Negotiating Caponata in Freefall Magazine

Publication of Enough in the PoetryXHunger online journal

Virtual launch of Vallum Literary Magazine, Quebec, with publication of Dreams of the Dead

Publication of This Might Help, with my poem Quarantaine / Forty Days in print and audio recording

Publication of tanka in GUSTS

Interviewed on-air by CJSW for National Poetry Month



Feature Reader for Haven at Home

Participated in a Poetic Nowruz, brought by Persian Radio, Ottawa with my poem The Finches from The Cowichan Series.

Publication of The Flypaper Motel in the WordCity Literary Journal

Publication of I Find Myself in the Tiny Seed Journal, USA

Participated in Cultivating Voices Online Poetry Women’s History Month reading

Editor of the Parkland Poets’ Society Poem in Your Pocket initiative



Participated in Cultivating Voices Online Poetry Open House reading

Participated in Cultivating Voices Online Poetry Poet Laureate Lovefest reading

Publication of Love is In the Air in the WordCity Literary Journal

Participated in Poetry in Union, a spontaneous poetry initiative for Valentine’s Day put on by The League of Canadian Poets

Publication of Whispers in Constellate Literary Journal in Birmingham, England



Publication of tanka in Moonbathing Tanka Journal, USA

Publication of haiku and commentary in Ion Codrescu’s A Haiga Journey / The Wanderer Brush

Publication of No-One in My Family Has Died a Simple Death in the League of Canadian Poets’ Fresh Voices #21 and Poetry Pause

Publication of a review of my work (The Cowichan Series) by Carla Scarano in FreeFall Literary Magazine


May measures 31 Days and that means that, without waiting until June, you get to enjoy some beautiful words and some gorgeous notes, holding hands and walking through a field fresh and full. This next collaboration between Joseph Fernando and Josephine LoRe really brings the sweetness of springtime to your soundmaking devices with screens.

I collaborated with classical pianist Joseph Fernando, who chose to pair my poem I Find Myself  (published this January by Tiny Seed Journal in the US) with a piece by the French composer Claude Debussy,
La fille aux cheveux de lin 
(The Girl with the Flaxseed Hair).

music debussy.png

Thrilled that my poem Inception was published in the May issue of Word City Literary Journal, the Mothering Issue.


 As the editors of the upcoming book, The (M)othering Anthology, (Inanna Publications, Spring 2022) we were thrilled to be asked by Darcie Friesen Hossack to consider collaborating with her and the WCLJ editorial team on the topic of mothering.

And! Together, our hopes of featuring poetry and prose and visual art from around the world, from as many perspectives as possible have been surpassed.  The issue encompasses a broad spectrum of the human experience as it relates to mothering or being mothered.

Thirty-six writers and artists have considered the act of mothering literally, figuratively, and metaphorically. Their work provokes thought about how mothering shapes and transforms our identity, how it makes and grows us. Each written and visual contribution shows us where mothering has taken its creator: to joy, to dark places, to ache, to freedom and its opposites, to confusion, to wonder, to grief, to hope.

Parkland Poets Feature Reader
Honoured to share my words at the Parkland Poets Reading Series



Also for Poetry Month, the Alexandra Writers Centre Society invited poets to submit  spoken pieces. 

Here is Starry Starry Night, inspired by the art of Vincent Van Gogh.


parkland reading.jpg

Parkland Poets is celebrating April, National Poetry Month, with a project entitled 
Poem in Your Pocket.

I submitted I Find Myself, which was originally published in January 2021 in Tiny Seed Journal in the US, and which I recorded later with piano accompaniment for the Indie YYC Two-Beat.

Poetry in both visual and audio form will be available on the Parkland Poets website.


Heading 1

Parkland Find.jpg
20210625_210903 (1).jpg

Vallum Magazine in Montreal has published
dreams of the dead
in their issue 18:2

Spring, 2020

It will be published in print and online also with an accompanying video version.

Virtual Launch:  April 29, 2021


dreams of the dead

my grandmother is a hydrangea     petals pressed close


                                  she opens in blue splendour  ...

Dreams of the Dead.jpg
This might help.jpg

GUSTS, the Canadian journal of tanka has included three of my tanka in the current issue:



A Poet Laureate Project presented by Calgary's Natalie Meisner

This Might Help is a collection of poetry both written and spoken, meant to offer hope as we struggle with the emotional and physical hardships of covid.

My poem La Quarantaine is part of this uplifting collection.



Poetry Month ...
interviewed on
CJSW Radio by host Nathan Taylor

April is National Poetry Month. ArtsLink is celebrating by have three Calgary poets on the show on April 5th.
Jeanne speaks to Laurie Ann Fuhr and Sholley Powell. They are regulars on the poetry scene in the city.
Then, Nathan Taylor speaks with Josephine LoRe about the forms of poetry called Haiku & Tanka.  From influences & history to how the forms work with some classical and personal examples.




Negotiating Caponata

Freefall Literary Magazine published my first review of a collection of poetry,
Carla Scarano D'Antonio's debut full-length collection, Negotiating Caponata.


link to review in FreeFall Magazine


Monday, March 29

Honoured to be one of the feature readers at the

Haven at Home Reading Series, part of the Edmonton

Stroll of Poets

haven at home.jpg
a poetic Nowruz.jpg

Thrilled to be invited to share my poetry in such fine company in this upcoming radio program in the company of so many accomplished poets. 
a celebration of Canadian Poets
hosted by Ottawa Persian Radio
Sunday March 14, 2021


Cultivating Voices

Live Poetry online

Honouring Women's History Month

and the International Women's Day

Sunday, March 7, 2021

What an honour to be invited to be a feature reading and share my poems which honour the feminine, in its different manifestestations in my life.

The poems I shared:

Our Children

The Tea Set

The Roof

The Highway Traveller

Mary of the Terrace

I am Getting Ready to Memorize Mother

Wild Sky

Forget me Not


This incredible weekly online reading series created and curated by Sandy Yannone, with help from Elizabeth Ann, Don Krieger, and Kim Port Parsons.

For International Women's Day, there were five feature readers and eleven open mic readers from the United States, India, Canada, Ireland ... 

My reading commences at around 50 minutes in.



Poetry in Union.png

Poetry in Union

Valentine's Day 2021

I was one of a group of poets from

The League of Canadian Poets who "met"

with folks from across Canada in Zoom

Break-out Rooms to compose personalized

love poems to celebrate a pandemic Valentine.


I whisper in your ear

so you hear and do not hear 
my rhythms fill the pauses
in your breath


my rhyme encircles you

like a villanelle ...


Constellate Literary Journal

in Birmingham, England

has published my poem Whispers


WordCity Monthly.jpg

WordCity Monthly

has published

Love is in the Air

in their February edition


Link to WordCity Monthly


Wanderer Brush.jpg

The anthology ′′The Wanderer Brus@h received a MENTION OF HONOR in the MERIT BOOK AWARDS international contest organized by the American Society of Haiku for the books published in 2020.

Love is in the air    

and I say love with cheese...  

gruyère and emmenthal  

brie, parmeggiano    


crocks for the oven, red and gray   a bag of onions and bay leaves plucked  from nanna's garden last summer ... 

A Haiga Journey and
The Wanderer Brush

The publication of this double-anthology was postponed by covid, but my copy arrived in early 2021.

Ion Codrescu collected haiku from around the world, and graced each page with original artwork, haiga to match the haiku.  

Ion asked each contributor to share a favourite haiku and reflect upon it.  I chose to share haiku by the classic femail haikuist Chiyo-ni.


I find myself

On January 2, 2021,  the US nature-based literary journal Tiny Seed Literary Magazine
published my poem I Find Myself.  I love the image they chose to accompany my poem!

This poem was significant, as it was the first unprompted poem since the beginning of the pandemic that had nothing to do with pandemic.

I find solace and inspiration in Nature, and this poem captures that.

My thanks to Tiny Seed Journal for including it in their lovely literary journal.

I find myself.jpg

a journal of women's tanka
published in the US included my tanka in the Fall/Winter collection.

Tanka is a 5-line
Japanese poetic form which predates haiku.



Covid Ghosts

published as part of the (M)othering Anthology's special project entitled Mothering Through Pandemic

the note with your tiny writing in the bowl on my dresser

the watercolour of a hand painting an orchid

the sweater I knit you two winters ago

you are here, everywhere, not here

covid ghosts us






covid ghosts us.png