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My poems can be heard live on stage and in zoom readings. 

Many readings are archived on YouTube  ( 

As well, a growing number of my poems can be found in literary magazines and anthologies in four continents, fifteen countries,

five languages and numerous online sites .... and I now have

two collections: 

In My Father's House (2024)and

The Cowichan Series (2019)

In My Father's House cover.webp

In My Father's House

Moonstone Press, Philadelphia, 2019

poetry about family and place, loss and abiding love

Josephine LoRe’s In My Father's House is one of the most moving volumes of poetry I have ever read. I am filled with amazement and gratitude for her precious words, written and spoken with such exquisitely gentle passion.  In My Father’s House is a miracle of remembrance.

               - Billy Brown, host of Fixed and Free readings and publisher


In My Father’s House is a poetic collection resonating with love and grief. The closeness of family sparks at the heart of these poems in textures that only a daughter can illuminate. The special daughter-father connection thrums through Josephine LoRe’s profound attention to detail and image. This engaging and tender elegy is a gift of reflection on time and loss. 

- Micheline Maylor PhD, author of The Bad Wife

Currently Out of Stock, but available if you contact me at

The Cowichan Series

Kouros Publications, 2019

Poetry, Photography by Josephine LoRe

accompanied by Music

by Jim Jackson

Through these poems inspired by the raw beauty of Vancouver Island, explore the bones of this old land. Lyrical, loving and linked intrinsically to the spirit of Cowichan, these poems will invoke that spirit in you wherever you are.

Available on Amazon:

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