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Women Echoing Women – A Haiku Enchantment

Women Echoing Women – A Haiku Enchantment

May 2019
Haiku Canada Conference
Presenting translations of classical haiku written in Japan by women along with our own words in Japanese, English, French, Cantonese, German and one of the beautiful languages of the Philippines. In the group were
Vancouver Haiku Group members Rachel Enomoto, Tracy Wan, Isabella Mori and Alegria Imperial, Isabella Mori, with Calgary guest Josephine LoRe
My haiku translated and rendered so beautiful by Women Echoing Women:
magnolia petals --
one thousand butterfly wings
waiting to unfurl
(Magnolia photo taken in Victoria, March 2019)

Two of the haiku I wrote during the weekend conference were chosen (in a blind competition) for the Sea to Sky theme at Vancouver's 2019 Haiku Canada conference:

eagle’s wings
slowly stitching the gap
between sea and sky

am I standing
on somebody else’s
distant horizon?

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