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Global Lighthouse Studios September 2021

Global Lighthouse Studios    September 2021

A fundraiser for the Kakuma Refugee Camp

What an inspiring and moving collaboration of music, visual arts and poetry brought together by Donna Guerin, creator of Global Lighthouse Studios. A coming-together to raise awareness and funds for a camp (specifically to provide resources to the school) in Kakuma, Kenya, which houses refugees from the Sudan area. You may remember the tragic situation in the Sudan in the 1980s which resulted in the migration of 20,000 children, referred to the Lost Boys.

I was happy to share a poem written for this event, A Child at Rest.

My reading starts at 11 minutes.

Other speakers include organizer Donna Guerin and her son Jake
Amin Bolis, a representative from Kakuma
David Fedele, composer and pianist, photographer and documentary filmmaker
Brian Donnell James, UN award-winning poet
Sally Huggins Toner, writer and educator
Manuel Herrera, visual artist and educator
Dr. Jane R. Shore, visual artist and educator
Melissa Campesi, pianist, educator and author
and poems read by students at the school in Kakuma.

My thanks as well to Dr. Hiram Larew for putting forth my name to participate in this initiative.

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