Poets Speak Back to Hunger: PoetryXHunger September 2021

Poets Speak Back to Hunger:  PoetryXHunger      September 2021

It is such an honour to be participating in this project spearheaded by Dr. Hiram Larew from Maryland, an award-winning poet, advocate, and leader in the Arts and Poetry community whom I met virtually through one of the virtual reading series.

Planting Hope: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVJHdIpVgao&t=43s

My poem Enough is included in the anthology both in print as an an audio file, and I participated in an international zoom on September 22, as well as various readings across the zoomisphere.

read it here: https://www.poetryxhunger.com/international-poets/poem-by-josephine-lore?fbclid=IwAR2CDWUv_tvkb5LHHP9kihLdXgtHlFO5FNkyleeb_8ccOoNPcPA5JxKrzDU

link to hear the poem read: end_hunger.m4a



In addition, I was invited to be part of the editorial board for their upcoming anthology.