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Wine Country Writers' Festival September 24 and 25

Wine Country Writers' Festival       September 24 and 25

The original Festival organized for 2020 in Penticton BC was postponed because of Covid and rescheduled for 2021. It was an honour to be invited to participate in this inaugural festival which brought together writers, poets and creatives.

I was invited to present a poetry workshop, and the theme I chose was Inspiration in Nature:

​There is a sense of belonging, a sense of calm that pervades the spirit when we find ourselves in nature. Nature can be an inspiration in writing, a way to forget the chatter of the day and observe, reflect and ultimately create something new and unique.

​In this 50-minute virtual class, we will explore how to be open to the intimacy of nature. Some of the great poets who found inspiration and expression in nature are Mary Oliver, William Wordsworth, Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost and John Keats.

We will look at some of their work to experience and understand their craft. We will consider how to allow the full use of our senses, how to convey this experience into poetry which is deeply personal and yet also universal in resonance.

​Additionally, I was honoured to judge this year's poetry contest. One of my poems, Tireless Travail, is included in the anthology of writing from this year's festival.

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