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Solstice Song

Solsitice Song by Josephine LoRe, WordCity Monthly, Issue #4


Solsitice Song
bury me in ashes
bury me in bone
bury me in mountainland
a thousand miles from home

bury me the depth of my height
the width of my wonderment and want

toss yellowed roses
onto freshdug mound
let each poet stand and speak
one single syllable

Please follow the link to the site to read more. My thanks to Darcie Hossack Friesen and the editorial team at WordCity Monthly and the Time of the Poet Republic.

An Internet-based Word Arts Culture and Writers Center- Archiving theme-based Digital Poetry Collections , Profiling Iconic Poets, Exhibiting Legendary Writers and Hallowed Artists. The Center hosts and publishes Word City Monthly(an internationally-acclaimed, multi-genre monthly publishing flash fiction, poetry, short fiction, folktales, book reviews, interviews, literary arts news and global opportunities.
Word City Monthly is headed and edited by the highly versatile and profoundly spirited storytelling revolutionary, Commonwealth Prize nominated Canadian Author Darcie Friesen Hossack.
This Center is founded on the values of promoting word culture , diversity of writing ideas, dialogue, literary arts exchange and cultural and racial tolerance among other matters. TIME OF POET REPUBLIC was founded by UNESCO-RILA Affiliate ARTIST. Freedom of Speech Fellow PEN-Zentrum Deutschland, 2019 African Fellow ( September 2020 University of Glasgow Creative Writing Programme Guest Poet/Discussant. Author of LETTER to the President(2019) and acclaimed Literary Arts Activism Projects Diplomatie, Mbizo CHIRASHA.

Link to WordCity Monthly:

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