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May 2021
Thrilled that my poem Inception was published in the May issue of WordCity Literary Journal, the Mothering Issue.
"As the editors of the upcoming book, The (M)othering Anthology, (Inanna Publications, Spring 2022) we were thrilled to be asked by Darcie Friesen Hossack to consider collaborating with her and the WCLJ editorial team on the topic of mothering. And! Together, our hopes of featuring poetry and prose and visual art from around the world, from as many perspectives as possible have been surpassed. The issue encompasses a broad spectrum of the human experience as it relates to mothering or being mothered.
Thirty-six writers and artists have considered the act of mothering literally, figuratively, and metaphorically. Their work provokes thought about how mothering shapes and transforms our identity, how it makes and grows us. Each written and visual contribution shows us where mothering has taken its creator: to joy, to dark places, to ache, to freedom and its opposites, to confusion, to wonder, to grief, to hope."

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