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Cultivating Voices, Honouring the Feminine

March 2021
Cultivating Voices Live Poetry online Honouring Women's History Month and the International Women's Day
Sunday, March 7, 2021. What an honour to be invited to be a feature reading and share my poems which honour the feminine, in its different manifestestations in my life.
The poems I shared:
Our Children
The Tea Set
The Roof
The Highway Traveller
Mary of the Terrace
I am Getting Ready to Memorize Mother
Wild Sky
Forget me Not
This incredible weekly online reading series was created and is curated by Sandy Yannone, with help from Elizabeth Ann, Don Krieger, and Kim Port Parsons. For International Women's Day, there were five feature readers and eleven open mic readers from the United States, India, Canada, Ireland. My reading commences at around 50 minutes in.

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